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Vertex Standard VX-241 Two Way RadioRef No. VX241

VX-241 Radio i a 16 Channel Licence Free Radio Providing Long-Lasting Performance and Reliability
  • PMR446 Radio - Licence Free
  • 16 Channels
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Scan/Monitor
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • CTCSS / DCS Encode and Decode

Name - VX-241
Colour- Black
Freq Band - PMR446
Tx Power - 500mW
Bandwidth - 12.5kHz
Weight - 270g (Including Battery)
Size HxWxD - 11.0 x 5.8 x 3.0 cm

Package Contects

VX-241 Radio
Fixed Antenna
Li-ion Battery
Desktop Rapid Charger
Belt Clip
Instruction Manual


16 Channels
Two Programmable Keys
Low Battery Alert
Belt Clip
500mW Transmit Power


Manual Squelch Adjustment
Busy Channel Lockout
Noise Cancelling Speaker Microphone


Call Tone
Low Battery Alert
Talk Confirmation tone/Roger Tone


Desktop Rapid Charger

*All Features and Specifications are Subject to Terrain and Conditions*

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