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Nitrile Gloves Ref No. 052NIT

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Examination gloves and disposable protective gloves made of nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR), powder-free, non-sterile. Ambidextrous. Compliant with Dir. 93/42/EEC, EN 455, PPE 89/686/EEC, EN 420, EN 374 (deviating length because examination glove as well 240+/-5mm). Free from natural latex. Synthetic copolymer. Store in original packing in a dry and dark place at 10 to 30C. Protect from ozone. Dispose of in accordance with valid regulations.

The criteria for the right choice of examination glove differ, however: is there a high risk of infection, for instance, that requires the use of maximum protection?

Is better grip required, or is a smoother surface structure more suitable?

These are all application-specific features with different demands on the product

This product contains natural latex, which can cause allergic reactions including anaphylactic reactions. The product contains dithiocarbamate and zinc mercaptobenzothiazol. - not to be used in the case of hypersensitivity to these substances. For single use. Check for damage before use, do not use damaged gloves.

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