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Motorola Two - Way RadioRef No. XT420

XT400 Series Radios have the business smarts to help your teams work better together. With crisp, clear audio, exceptional durability and great performance
  • Up to 16,250m2, 13 Floors or 9km Range*
  • Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery (Included)
  • 8 Channels + 219 Codes
  • Outlast Harsh Conditions and Hard Use
  • Powerful Speakers delivers Premium Quality
  • Antimicrobial Protection


Name - XT420
Colour - Black
Tx Power - 1500mW (With Wind-noise Reduction)
Channels - 8
Range - 16,250m2, 13 Floors or up to 9km*


A Remote Speaker Microphone and range of Earpieces allow you to hear clearly and work hands-free


A Holster with Swivel clip lets you move easily so you can wear the radio at the angle you prefer.
Bend, reach or sit without the radio getting in your way


Manage your time better by cloning all programming and menu settings at the touch of a button with radio to radio cloning

Battery and Charging

Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries with battery life up to 20 hours are lightweight and support long working days.
A Multi-Unit Charger with LED battery status light lets you charge up to six simultaneously.

Exceptionally Clear Radio - Powerfull Speaker delivers premium quality audio for clear communications in noisy conditions

Continuous Coverage - Communicate confidently in a workplace up to 16,250m2, 13 Floors or 9km*

Ergonomic Design - Comfortable to wear all-day, with easy-to-use interface that requires little or no training

Durable, Water-Resistant - Takes on tough Conditions that meets US Military Standard 810 and IP55 specs

Tri-Colored LED - Easily identify different radio features and status with bright tri-coloured LED

Antimicrobial Protection - Helps prevent the growth of mould and germs on the surface of the radio

Channels - to talk with different working groups quickly, change channels at the touch of a button or with the channel selector knob

Channel Alias - Assign each channel a user defined name

Advanced Voice Activation - Enjoy the convenience of hands-free operation with our optional accessories

Convenient Charging - Drop-in charger keeps radios charged. LED light on multi-unit charger provides a charge status

Easy to Programme - HTML-based customer programming software works with any computer web browser

Voice Prompts - Programme XT420 on the go

Easy Cloning - Quickly copy settings between XT400 series radios with optional radio to radio cloning cable or multi-unit charger

License Free - PMR446 Frequencies

*All Features and Specifications are Subject to Terrain and Conditions*

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